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Khamis, 19 April 2012 | 8:05 PG | 0 comments
Hello people , Assalamualaikum :)
1,2,3 . Boleh kurang tiga bulan tk hapdates blog . Aww SHOOO SHAAAD :(

Let me start the story . Aww actually .....
I’m really, very foolish , I know of no one other than you
You’re looking at someone else , Yet you have no idea of my feelings like this . I won’t be in your days . I won’t be in the memories either, however . Only you, I looked only at you . And the tears keep coming . As I watch you walking past, I’m still happy . Even though you still don’t know my heart . I should stop this and go . I really want to see the day . I’m withstanding the pain each day

“I love you” is playing on my lips
Alone once again, crying for you
Alone once again, missing for you
Baby, I love you, I’m waiting for you

I won’t be in your days . I won’t be remembered either, however . Only you, I looked only at you I’m making memories alone . Loving you is like having a beautiful wound . I look at your pretty smile also . But I cannot laugh with you . I’m thinking about you so much everyday . My heart is hurting in all these sad days . Even though I cannot hold you like this . I need you, I cannot say anything more, I want you . I keep on hoping too, I’ll keep hoping ....

Is , kalau kao baca aku harap kao sayang bestfriend aku thu macam kao sayang aku -,-


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