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10 Days Letter Challenges
Selasa, 15 November 2011 | 4:46 PTG | 0 comments

/Assalamualaikum people :)/
Pagi-pagi bute yang membosankan nhe , nabila nakk teima cabaran
10 Days Letter Challenges

Whoahhh !
Kayy , i'm not sure can do it everyday,
kalau nabila bkk lappy , first things is hapdates ini dulu , kayy
Before tht , yg nhe inspired by kak lettha

Nahh , nabila kasi tgk dulu kebende yg nak di challengenyaa
Btw challengenyaa ade 30 , tpi kak lettha buad 20 je
aku yg pemalas buad 10 jee -,-

:i:Kayy nahh

1) Write a letter to the last person you kissed
2) Write a letter to the person you liked
Write a letter to your parents
Write a letter to your bestfriends
Write a letter to siblings
Write a letter to your siblings
Write a letter to your grandparents
Write a letter to your oldest friend
Write a letter to someone you missed
Write a letter to favourite actor/actress

Kayy done , byee , kiss kanan , kiss kiri chaww:h:

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