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Nabila Roslee.13 yearsyoung.Petaling Jaya.I'm awesomely retarded.Everybody is perfect in their own way.Skate all night , cheer all day.Proud to be myself Justin Bieber taught me to never say never . Lady Gaga told me I've born this way # Photography is my things ;) kbye♥

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Jumaat, 10 Jun 2011 | 3:13 PG | 0 comments
hey theree ;DD lala here , name was given NUR NABILA BT.ROSLEE . on 6 . 1 . 2011 she was 3teen.childish girl , :)) . taken already . school at smk TAMAN DATO HARUN . eldest princess at home :DD andd , this is real of me stay at petaling jaya , so the girl on pic is ME :)) yeah not pretty as you think .. but i really love my face :)) nobody perfect rite ? so please don't be like a BITCH want curse me . be honest with me if you hate me because i'm pretty *just joke baby xD* btw i'm friendly girl :DD so HEY :)) be nice with me and i will be nice with you back baby :DD don't judge my life if don't know who i am .
btw baby .. this is little bit about me

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